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Friday, October 2, 2015

Thousands Urge Help for Indian Sisters "Ordered Raped".

The above is the title of an article that came out in Agence France- Pressed August 30th.

Thousands signed petitions after  local council ordered sisters raped and paraded naked as punishment for their brother eloping with a married woman. This family of a "Dalit" caste considered "untouchable" was forced into hiding after their brother eloped with a woman from a dominant caste. The sisters 15yrs and 23 yrs  have been in hiding. These village councils are highly influential and have sanctioned "honor killings" and other atrocities.  One of the sisters filed a petition and awaits the verdict from a Supreme Court in Uttar Pradesh.

In other news in Nepal the Central Investigation Bureau says they plan to file a case against two traffickers who allegedly ferried 27 Nepali women to India last summer. Maiti Nepal is seeking maximum compensation to victims of trafficking in Nepal.

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