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Friday, May 9, 2014

Kin Trafficking Girls on the Rise Governments Must Intervene

Recently we learned of more and more incidents where relatives were trafficking girls as young as ten years of age. This presents many problems as they do not allow the girls to be adopted or put in a children's home although they are newly orphaned and  relatives aren't  willing to support them. The trafficking relatives over rule the relatives who do desire to place them in children's homes or with a permanent guardian. A Himalayan Mountain newspaper group reported an alarming increase in this activity within families! (Feb 21, 2014 Nuwakot). Unfortunately many times the police are of no help whatsoever even in cases where young girls are being gang raped by relatives and neighbors and are at high risk of being trafficked. The female officers must submit to the higher ranking male officers so their work is very stressful as they cannot take action without superior's approval and direction. So they must shamefully look the other way.