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Friday, February 6, 2015

Some Cultures Passive About Violence Against Women

A recent World Bank Report says," A culture that is passive towards "Violence Against Women" will not flourish".

Many countries in the Himalayan Mts. reflect those research findings.  This last winter in India there was mass sterilizations of women, of whom many died and others became deathly ill. The doctor performing the procedure on hundreds of women at the rate of 83 per hour supposedly used the same uncleaned  unsanitized instruments on all of them!

On the same day in a capitol Himalayan Mt city that  a march took place, for stopping violence  against women,  a female police officer was murdered.(Himalayan Times Dec.11,2014)

"Despite political rhetoric, of women's empowerment the state of Nepali women remain bleak. " KTM Post Editorial by Suresh Pranjali